All children will enjoy and have a right to education, time to play; have rest and live their lives in freedom.



To ensure that all children can enjoy living in a society that respects their rights and dignity, and offers them the opportunity to grow up into responsible leaders for tomorrow’s world.


Mission Statement:

We strive to build bridges, to add meaning and value to the lives of all children.

The mission is pursued through:

  • Counseling services, Advocacy, Social mobilization, Awareness raising and Sensitization campaigns.
  • Prevention of child labour and its worst forms (child trafficking).
  • Prevention of child abuse and exploitation.
  • Education for all children without discrimination; and service delivery where needed to improve the quality of life of children by collaborating with schools, parents, children, NGOs, civil society organizations, government agencies and the donor community.

    • We seek to provide counseling services to children, teachers and parents/guardians.
    • We seek to protect and promote the rights and responsibilities of all children using the guiding principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and other national and international instruments and protocols.
    • We seek to provide a channel for effective communication on issues critical to children through advocacy and to liaise with other national and international organizations with similar goals.
    • We seek to organize workshops, seminars, public education/campaigns and training programmes on issues critical to children, parents, child workers and to conduct research as a basis of promoting the rights and quality of children’s life.
    • We seek to provide life and vocational skills training, economic empowerment activities for parents and guardians as support system for the beneficiary children and other family members.


    Parent and Child Foundation (PACF), is a child protection NGO protecting and promoting the human rights of children as enshrined in the UN Convention on the rights of the child and other relevant national and international instruments and protocols. PACF is registered and based in Ghana, West Africa.

    PACF was founded in May, 1996 and registered as a company limited by guarantee with registration number G. 862 by Registrar of Companies. PACF was granted recognition as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by the Department of Social Welfare, Ghana in 1998, with registration number DSW/1032.

    PACF is founded on love, care and support for children and families and dedicated to the elimination of human trafficking (of children and women), child labour and its worst forms, abuse and exploitation of children.

    Work Philosophy:

    PACF is a child protection NGO working with communities in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, to help improve lives for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Our philosophy is to:

    • Listen to what the communities know its needs.
    • Empower them and provide technical advice to make the necessary changes in themselves.
    • Prevent and attack the root causes of child trafficking, child labour, child abuse and HIV/AIDS. The programmes and activities of advocacy, training and education, seeks to contribute to behavioural change of societal attitudes and practices that nurture exploitation, abuse and discrimination against children.
    • Ensure sustainability.

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